50DMCC Day 3 - Wraith by CheddarDeity

Day 3 of the 50 Mythical Monsters Challenge: the Wraith, a dark and terrible spirit of vengeance, wreathed in naught but a flimsy cloak or robe. It exists only to plague the living.

50DMMC - Day 2: Ixtab by CheddarDeity

Day 2 of the 50 Mythical Monsters Challenge: Ixtab, the Mayan Rope Woman, is the psychopomp of honorable suicides and women who died in childbirth.

50DMMC Day 1 - Rakshasa by CheddarDeity

Day One of the 50-Mythical Monster Challenge: the Rakshasa. The Rakshasa have a strange backstory in Hindu mythology, being described as eternally hungry for human (or deific!) flesh.

I imagine a Rakshasa as both a vicious, cannibalistic warrior and one appreciative of beauty and culture. Although his permanent hunger denies him the subtlety of truly enjoying a meal, he would still enjoy the scent of a perfect flower, and given the chance would adorn himself in finery.

Gina and the Skywhale by CheddarDeity

High above the streets of this unsuspecting city, an epic battle rages between two bitter adversaries! One is Gina, a fitness instructor unexpectedly grown to massive proportions by a freakish industrial accident. Whether the other has a name may never be known, but many Atlantic fisherman tell fearsome tales of a vengeful sperm whale falling inexplicably from the sky, shattering trawlers and leaving mayhem in its terrible wake. How it came to be, nobody can say, but there can be no doubt that this flying leviathan must be the star of the same

What provoked this supernatural conflict is anybody’s guess, but this contest clearly cannot be resolved without a great deal of broken buildings, smashed concrete, fire, smoke, and spilled blood.

Blaze Cropped by CheddarDeity

Blaze, like the other RENEGADE-class cyborgs, has no memory of his life before becoming one. In his case, he seemed to be born in a bar, drink in hand, with a fully-formed personality and skill-set but no prior life. He was promptly located by other RENEGADEs and “adopted” into the group. Although there seems no obvious way for RENEGADEs to locate new “members”, this happened enough during the campaign that it could not be mere coincidence and it has been theorized that newly-made cyborgs were activated by their creator(s) in places the others would easily find them.

As a RENEGADE, Blaze is an endoskeletal cyborg (think “the Terminator”) with a regenerative, symbiotic flesh covering fed by a matrix of nutrient-rich blood shared with his circulatory system. He has cybernetic control points that look like circuitry at strategic locations all over his body that enable him to use his powers. As his name implies, Blaze’s powers are primarily fire-focused.

Blaze was a complex character— he was a RENEGADE and thus affiliated with group of techno-terrorists, but he had a substantial conscience that often warred with his loyalties. Further, he was situations where he had to seek shelter with his adversaries, such as the Unseen. As a result, Blaze had a large number of personal enemies during the campaign, and possibly an equal number of sometime-allies. This put him often “in the know” about the goals of rival supergroups, though seldom authoritative.

Checkmate Cropped by CheddarDeity

Checkmate was a mutant whose past (including even his first name) wasn’t ever fully revealed. It is known that he was brilliant from a young age — a prodigy in chess among other fields. He mentioned private school in passing at one point, and it has made references to hating bullies (though he never mentioned whether he was the victim of bullying).

Checkmate’s mutant powers developed gradually during puberty, driving him away from his family. Later, on the streets, the early stages of his connection to the Shadowforce (hearing voices, particularly violent and alien ones) manifested, convincing him that he was becoming schizophrenic, and might be further dangerous to those around him.

Succumbing fully to the influence of the Realm of Shadows enabled Checkmate to see it for what it was— that he was not insane, and further that the extradimensional power was his to control if he so chose. Obviously, he did.

Eventually, Checkmate connected with a group of similarly-touched individuals known as the Unseen. His mental prowess and excellent willpower seem to render him immune to the emotional and psychological influences of the Shadowforce, making him much cooler under pressure than any of his comrades. Although his personality makes him a poor leader, his strategic mindset does put him in the position of being an excellent advisor.

Cropped Victory (upgraded) by CheddarDeity

The Victory armor was eventually upgraded. See the dA page for more information about this…

Cropped Victory by CheddarDeity

Victory was a heavily-armored “combat monster” sponsored by a military organization dedicated to defeating a group of cybernetic outlaws and terrorists known as the RENEGADEs. He had particular issues with one of their number, who called himself Blaze.

The organization was never named, and Victory’s motivations for hating Blaze were never revealed. There is speculation that the Victory armor had been stolen from a military lab as there is some evidence that the organization was unable to resupply or repair it. For example, one of Victory’s encounters with Blaze occurred in a confined space filled with natural gas (Victory was unaware of this). The firefight ignited the gas, badly damaging some of Victory’s weapon systems for the next several encounters.

Thunderforce Resurrection by CheddarDeity

Clearly Thunderforce's most bizarre capability was Serial Immortality, which in his case caused him to automatically resurrect 27 days after his corporial body was killed. When asked by another character about this, Shawn replied “My body is now composed of energy. The death of my physical form is now more like a system crash. The energy scatters, but doesn’t dissipate, so it eventually coalesces anew.”

This account has been questioned a number of times— Thunderforce had a penchant for inventing colorful explanations to technical problems he did not want to discuss. If it is true, then Thunderforce’s Resurrection power might be vulnerable to energy absorption or limited in locations with strong electromagnetic disturbances.

Thunderforce Cropped by CheddarDeity

Thunderforce (see his character sheet here for more information about him)